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One country, two systems

By lipenitis 0 Comment 16/04/2020

Originally published on Medium on August 24, 2019.

9 months ago, I had chance to visit Hong Kong. Symbolically,it was around my motherland’s independence day.

Hong Kong Victoria Peak, Victoria Park
Hong Kong Victoria Peak, Victoria Park

The short visit gave me an insight into this amazing place, with astonishing sights of nature and skyscrapers, friendly people, and opportunities Hong Kong provides to business and leisure guests.

I am not for any kind of colonialism, and would never support a nation suppressing other nation, but I saw happy people in a place which has experienced an incredible development and growth. An intelligent and open nation, a place easy to be.

Also, I visited other side of the water, Shenzhen in China mainland, which was not my first or last visit to China. I do respect the country’s history, nature, and smart people, but it was hard to switch from welcoming Hong Kong to Shenzhen.

I totally understand people of Hong Kong, and express my support to them in their struggle for independence within (not from) China, as it was agreed years ago.

I hope to return soon to Hong Kong and be able to enjoy same welcoming, developed, safe, and confident place I enjoyed getting to know last time. Also, I hope to be able to enjoy my next visit to mainland thanks to it proving it is a smart and modern country.

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Photo cc: myself, from Victoria Peak where people gathered last week.

In addition to this, while the Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia celebrates its 30th anniversary of

the Baltic way, action showing how the countries were united 30 years ago in their struggle for freedom,

there was Hong Kong Way organized with a message, if the 3 countries did that 30 years ago with no possibility to announce and arrange or raise awareness of event with any digital tools available now, Hong Kong can do this now, to show the world its people are united in efforts to maintain their rights within China.