External expert evaluator | Aivars Lipenitis

Thanks to the wide experience gained as an entrepreneur and consultant, Aivars Lipenitis has proven himself as a valuable External Expert Evaluator for various international and regional or local Innovation Funding and Acceleration programs, both privately arranged or publicly funded or co-funded, curated by consortiums of VC firms, consultants, large firms, European Commission (Horizon 2020 program), and platforms as F6S.

Aivars Lipenitis is specialized in different business-to-business technology applications, both hardware and software, and their development from very early stages (ideation and research) up to TRL 5-9. With this unique specialization, Aivars is able to assess the potential of an idea, the proposed plan, its timescale, team’s capabilities, and see possible weak points.

Aivars Lipenitis has shown his independence and professionalism when evaluating applications for programs as Liverpool City Region Growth Platform’s Future Innovation Fund, OntoChain, BlockStart, and many more.

Possible types and levels of the involvement:

  • Written application assessment and evaluation
  • Judging panel participation for pitches

Also Aivars Lipenitis is an experienced mentor and coach of participants of the programs, focusing on a customer-centric business model formation, go-to-market strategy, presentation and pitching preparation, and investment.