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End of capitalism

By lipenitis 0 Comment 16/04/2020

Originally published on Medium on April 11, 2020.
Reindeer. Latvia. 2018

The time of hybrids has come. Has the humanity invented everything? We are seeing more and more hybrids, i.e., merging and combining what already exists, experimenting with real-life solutions to try change the status quo.

Hybrid war, hybrid data networks, even hybrid people (not having white + black or Hispanic mix in mind but cyborgs of some kind — whatever it is a human with a robotic hand, implanted sensors to feel smell, or a flying policemen with the help of droned in Dubai, or jet suits by a British start-up Gravity Industries to mention some.

Are flying motorbikes the future for Dubai?Dubai Police now have a revamped model of the hoverbike — and they’ve taken it for a test flight.edition.cnn.com

Has the time come to the end for our beloved and hated capitalism?

The world order dictated by money, invented in Western world, didn’t ever function for 100% in Europe (think minimum wages, government’s monopoly in industries as power, infrastructure, or owning companies in other sectors as media, aviation, and more). Not even getting deeper into how it used to work in many countries in Eastern and Southern parts of the world.

Hybrid socio-capitalism?

Spain is introducing a guaranteed base income to everyone, same was proposed by one of the candidates for the President of the United States, Zoltan Istvan. Many other countries are now providing a downtime pay to employees of strategically important companies, or those from endangered sectors. Huge sums are given to save national airlines at the same time, to help survive, AirBaltic in Latvia to mention one.

Spain is moving to establish permanent basic income in the wake of the coronavirus pandemicSpain is taking steps to implement a basic income to help citizens weather the economic fallout from the novel…

www.businessinsider.comLatvian government supports providing EUR 150 million to airBalticTo overcome the economic crisis, Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers conceptually supports allocating EUR 150 million into…bnn-news.com

Italy has introduced free or 1 EUR houses some years ago already, for those ready to come to Southern parts of Italy as Sicily, to attract people willing to live or invest there. This has not much to do with capitalism, as you can guess the land or an old house is still worth much more.

If giving something to people, it is close to impossible to take it away afterwards peacefully. So these actions might stay on for a long time.

What will happen next?

While what is happening right now in the world might be a result (or process) of another war, a hybrid of biological, information, political, and physical in some territories, the good thing is, the humanity has always won, making people end up in a somehow better world. The question is who will be the first to understand the new order, live up with that, and also benefit of it.

Even before capitalism, there were always groups of people or individuals being in charge of wealth, power, and minds of masses. Watch Netflix movie found below for another approval of that. One is for sure, it takes unity to solve the puzzle of this hybrid process.

First They Killed My Father | Netflix Official SiteCaught in the chaos of a brutal revolution, a family is forced to make heartbreaking choices. A true story. Watch…www.netflix.com

Think of the often mentioned crisis that way. If everyone stops spending now due to less cash, and that will result in others having less cash, money does not disappear. It ends up in someones hands. Who are they?

P.S. Cover photo credit: myself. Reindeer. Latvia, 2018.