International business | Lipenitis | Aivars Lipenitis

Aivars Lipenitis is an international business market entry strategist and market development specialist, holding such experience:

  • Lead identification and Sales process
  • Deal Negotiation
  • Partnership initiation and management with resellers and Research & Development (R&D) partners
  • Market adapted marketing, cross-marketing, and sales
  • Investor relations

Countries and regions of experience and success of own companies and clients are as follow below. The background covers market research, effective development strategy development and implementation including reseller partnerships, key customers, investors, equity-free funding and support mechanisms and tools: mentorship, scientists, technological equipment, student groups, office space. Territories:

  • United Kingdom – Greater London, North England – Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, South England – Southampton;
  • United States East Coast – New York;
  • Central Europe – Slovakia;
  • Southern Europe – Portugal;
  • Northern Europe – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania;
  • Middle East – Uzbekistan;
  • Gulf region – Kuwait;
  • Africa – Mauritius,

also market research conducted, clients represented and a business network created, gaining a picture of business development and partnership opportunities, and participated in project preparation in such countries and regions:

  • South East and South Asia – Thailand, China, Korea (DKR);
  • Eastern Europe – Ukraine;
  • Northern Europe – Norway, Finland, Sweden;
  • Central Europe – Germany, Netherlands, Belgium;
  • United States West Coast – San Francisco;
  • Australia – Sidney;
  • Middle East – Egypt,
  • Africa – Kenya,
  • South America – Chile, Costa Rica.

Get in touch to find out about opportunities to develop your business further, find partners, learn about a potential to develop a product in a partnership with one of the regions, or make an initial market research and market entry strategy development. Contacts.