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Thanks to entrepreneurial success and failures, Aivars Lipenitis has a versatile background in entrepreneurship. By adding a quality education and extensive research, Aivars holds valuable knowledge to share with audiences at business, innovation, start-up, technology, creative, and other conferences.

Learn more about Aivars Lipenitis experience as a conference speaker.

Aivars Līpenītis has researched and explored such subjects in depth, making them now available in a form of a conference speech:

Creative problem solving for entrepreneurial competitiveness

Includes own experience as well as researches by Stanford, MIT, Tsinghua, and other universities, combining them with researches by global companies and Aivars conclusions. A story about creativity, its barriers, techniques and their effectiveness depending on a group and conditions, and creativity sources. Available in a format of a business training also.


A successful entrepreneur or specialist is characterized not only by its career and financial situation, but also a strong health, developed personality, and active social life. How to balance everyday life, remember what is important and be ready for a business failure at any moment. Aivars Lipenitis will share his own experience and conclusions of respected researchers.

Effective internationalization

When working on market development or planning an international expansion strategy, it is of value not to copy and follow others, for example picking countries of expansion of similar size, same purchasing power, neighbor countries or seemingly easy and comfy per other parameters. Aivars Lipenitis merges creativity, international business expansion experience and examples of small countries, giving an insight into an effective internationalization during his conference speech. This can be further explored and developed in a business masterclass.