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The business trainer experience gained through hosting seminars and masterclasses in Nordic-Baltic countries as well as Middle East and Gulf region provides a unique background. That combined with a 17 year active entrepreneurship, management, sales and marketing specialist experience, and a constant knowledge improvement in trainings by the world’s top universities make the magic sauce to provide a positive experience to business training clients.

Aivars Lipenitis has researched and developed in depth such programs, now available in formats of a business training, masterclass, or seminar:

Creative problem solving and entrepreneurial competitiveness

Covers own experience as well as researches by Stanford, MIT, Tsinghua, and other universities, combining them with researches by global companies and Aivars conclusions. A story about creativity, its barriers, techniques and their effectiveness depending on a group and conditions, and creativity sources. Available in a format of a conference speech also.

Business training clients up to date include:

  • entrepreneurs,
  • start-up founders,
  • marketing, sales and development managers,
  • politicians,
  • innovation managers of corporations.

Effective internationalization

When working on market development or planning an international expansion strategy, it is of value not to copy and follow others, for example picking countries of expansion of similar size, same purchasing power, neighbor countries or seemingly easy and comfy per other parameters. Aivars Lipenitis merges creativity, international business expansion experience and examples of small countries, giving an insight into an effective internationalization during his conference speech. Available as a conference speech also.

What to expect:

  • research findings
  • role plays
  • group and individual short assignments
  • facts and examples
  • inspiration and experience exchange

Creativity and internationalization programs available in such formats:
Intro masterclass for a small to large group (2-3h)

Full day masterclass for a small group (6-8h)

Seminar (1-3h)

Pitching and presenting

Whether you represent a start-up, established firm, or yourself as a specialist, it is strongly advised to have a quality, compact, and strong pitch prepared.

Time is money, so your audience or conversation companion will appreciate you telling the essence of what interests them/him/her. Aivars Lipenitis has delivered hundreds of presentations, pitches, and made use of occasions to start a valuable relationship even in everyday situations or while on travel. Aivars trains start-up founders, idea authors, and specialists through acceleration programs, lifelong learning initiatives, and directly on how to prepare and deliver a presentation, and answer questions.

What is covered:

  • why to
  • know your audience
  • one-liner
  • elevator pitch
  • investor / sales / partnership presentation
  • pitch deck
  • preparing for Q&A

Presentation and pitching training available as a 1,5h workshop (or interactive vebinar) for a larger group, full day training for groups of 4-20 people, or a 2x 2h seminar (or vebinar) with practical tasks in between.