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Global Expert:

Blockchain Founders Fund


June 2020 – now

Start-up mentor:

Alchemist Accelerator

Sanfrancisco Bay Area, CA, ASV. Silicon Valley.

March 2019 – now

Independent Expert Evaluator:

EU Horizon 2020 program calls

Brussels, Belgium.

Mar 2020 – now

Team Mentor:

Riga – Cambridge Venture Camp

Riga, Latvia

June 2020 – now

Degree Bachelor program co-author:

Ventspils University of Applied Sciences

Ventspils, Latvia

February 2019 – now

Manager, start-up founder, marketing, development and innovation specialist trainer:

Business trainer and conference speaker

Europe and Asia

April 2017 – now

Aivars Lipenitis | Creativity, creative problem solving
Aivars Lipenitis. Business training in Tashkent

Host Entrepreneur:

Erasmus for Younge Entrepreneurs (EYE)

Riga, Latvia and London, United Kingdom

May 2016 – now

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs | Aivars Lipenitis
Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs program participant Savvas Evangelou visiting the Baltics for knowledge and experience exchange during the program. Host Entrepreneur Aivars Lipenitis as a speaker at AD:Renalinas advertising festival.


Animal shelter Ulubele

Riga, Latvia.

December 2014 – now

Taurins. The senior dog adopted from the largest animal shelter in Northern Europe, "Ulubele".
Tauriņš (Butterfly) – the dog Aivars adopted from the largest animal shelter in Northern Europe