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Aivars Līpenītis

Aivars Lipenitis is an international tech business growth professional – joint-selling, product development and strategic investment partnerships hands-on consultant with skin in the game, helping to scale early stage tech. product firms. These now include some of the Financial Times listed fastest growing European companies. Market Entry Strategy, Expansion Strategy, Market Development. Some 15 countries as of geography of deals made happen.

Also teach, train, co-develop degree education programs, mentor start-ups through acceleration programs and advise directly on marketing, sales, strategy, business model.

Started out as a phone sales guy doing cold calls to sell web hosting. Was studying and managing online media start-up at the same time. + practicing marketing skills in school-mates and brother’s digital businesses.

When started his own advertising agency, Aivars managed annual nationwide funds of local and international companies. At first, did all the creative work, planning, and project management, designed ads, you name it. When scaling the agency, Aivars took care of service design leadership, team management, expansion in the neighboring countries, sales and client relations, and still enjoyed the creative part of the work.

When in entertainment business: sold out very first show produced, same with 2nd, 3rd, … Shows included Ellie Goulding, LMFAO, James Arthur, B.o.B, Euruosport’s events, to-become-world-champion Mairis Briedis boxing championship, and more.

Aivars holds master’s degree in Business Administration. He left first school due to too heavy entrepreneurial activities though. Since then, has actively and successfully taken numerous professional and executive courses covering strategic management, innovation, negotiation, tech. prototyping, investment, start-up process, etc., by internationally recognized schools as Stanford, Milan Technology University, University of Michigan, Stockholm School of Economics.

I love what I do and like those I work with.

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